Nabeel's mother Mumtaz is a clueless old woman who often forgets things. His husband Mehmood Sahab calls her Momo. She even forgets the name of her husband , son and daughter-in-law.She refers to the word wo (meaning that) leaving everyone confused. Due to her mixing names and things, almost anyone who is talking to her says oof!(Oh Man!) while face palming their hands. Her first husband Quddusi died 15 years ago and later she married Mehmood Sahib. She has 2 sons, Nabeel and Sona.

She is a chubby lady in her fifties. One of her favorite hobbies is eating. Once she even ate her grand-daughter Chaandi's chocolates. Her vision is weak and she wears thick black glasses. She often wears a dupatta over her head.

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