He is the father of Khoobsurat and father-in-law of Nabeel. He didn't want Khoobsurat to be married with lazy Nabeel but by the time he came,they had been married. He too wants Nabeel to do work. As Khoobsurat's mother and his first wife is dead, he marries a young woman named Betaab. He is a millionaire and very rich. Nabeel wants that when he dies he gives all of his properties to Nabeel. He is a food addict and can eat 20 parathas in breakfast!

Nabeel and Mehmood flatter him and call him papaji when he is present, so that he gives them money and presents. Behind his back, they call him a greedy miser and mota saand(fat bull) due to him being fat.

He is in his late fifties and fat.



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